Darkroom Practice

One of the best things about Albert House, is the cellar. In fact it was the reason for choosing number 18 Denbigh Street as our base. Years ago I had a darkroom in a shed. it was baking hot in the summer, freezing cold in the winter, infested with spiders and really not that light tight. 

Since then, things have improved considerably. Firstly, we now have a darkroom with not one, not two, but three enlargers.  One is my old enlarger from days of yor! The others were donated by a very good friend of Paddy's, Dave Noble, who is Programme Leader of Photography at Staffordshire University. Now, if that generous donation of two enlargers and a ton of other darkroom equipment wasn't enough, it just so happens that Mr Noble purchased the 5x4 enlarger from a certain Mr Paul Graham! Here's a link to the archive of his work if you don't know him. http://www.paulgrahamarchive.com 

And here we are,  proof if proof were needed, a photograph of the enlarger in situ, with its chum. (Paul Graham's is the 5x4 on the left)