Letting things slide

Alright, so we started with the best of intentions to blog regularly but the day-to-day grind of earning a living has to take precedence. The work in fairness has been far from dull and we've been pretty much flat out since the begining of the year. For a cold and dark January when  commissions can be a bit thin on the ground we've kept on photographing.

 At the beginning of this month I was busy helping promote Drew Pritchard @ Liberty for his new concession in the famous London department store. The images have not only been used on the Liberty website but have appeared  in The Sunday Times supplement and World of Interiors Magazine. I take the photographs for Drew Pritchard's website and work as a stills photographer for Cineflix Media & Discovery Channel who make the popular TV series Salvage Hunter starring Drew which airs on the Quest Chanel. 

Screenshot 2014-01-31 20.03.03.png

In addition to this Paddy and I have worked together for Caroline Young Hairdressing in Penrhyn Bay. Caroline has been encouraging her young stylist to enter the L'Oreal Colour Trophy competition and so we had the pleasure of working with Meg who modeled her rather stylish "do" for us.