Ghost Weather

I've started working on a new project recently as a result of re-visiting some old digital files. A few years ago I embarked on a rather ambitious project to take a photograph every day for one year. Even though I was working as a full time photographer it was much harder than I imagined.  I actually only managed a couple of months before creative fatigue set in and I gradually ground to a halt.  Forcing creativity at the end of a long working day in the middle of winter took it's toll but the discipline of carrying a camera with me at all times during those few months meant I still managed to produce some interesting images.  Returning to a piece of work allows you to view it with a new perspective, a fresh pair of eyes as it were. 

Rather than viewing the photographs as a failed project I realised there was an opportunity to create a new body of work using some images taken during these cold winter months. 

It  serves as a reminder of my time spent in Cornwall while studying for my Masters Degree in Falmouth. Living near the cost it was possible to spend days at a time shrouded in fog. Unlike mist which can make a landscape appear romantic, fog, distorts the horizon, hides the truth and projects feelings of unease or even fear. 

Uncharacteristically, I'm looking forward for a change to the winter months in order to pursue some Ghost Weather.